Courses Offered

  • Pre-Kinder
  • Kinder
(GRADES 1 to 6)
(GRADES 7 to 10)


What is the mode of learning for SY 2021-2022?

AGS will implement “home-based e-learning” using combination of asynchronous and synchronous delivery mode. In asynchronous mode, teachers will provide learning tools (lesson demo video to view and activities to work on) and students have the ability to access and satisfy the requirements within a flexible time frame each day. On the other hand, for synchronous mode, students will have real time interaction with teachers and classmates via Google Meet. 

What electronic device is needed for e-learning?

You can use any of the following gadgets: desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, provided that there is internet access. For Junior High School students, we RECOMMEND the use of iPad (7th Gen 32 GB or higher specs, Wi-Fi, No Cellular feature). In addition, the use of iPad will be required if in-person learning (face-to-face) will be implemented in school year 2022-2023. 

Please consider that smartphones have limitations like providing convenience to studying and accessing different applications for given activities. 

What learning management system (LMS) will be used in e-learning? 

Edmodo will be used in e-learning which has already been used by the school for two consecutive school years as LMS for “flipped classroom” blended learning and another year for home based e-learning. 

Who are the target learners for e-learning?

Special Education, Pre-elementary and Grade 1 to 10 students 

How can parents and students be acquainted with Edmodo?

Instructions will be given to parents/guardians before the opening of classes through e-mail that will be assigned by the school to each student. Parent and Student Orientation will also be scheduled online. Further assistance will be provided to students and parents/guardians with difficulty in accessing Edmodo.

Do students need to make an Edmodo account? 

No. The school will send a Student Edmodo account to the assigned e-mail address before the opening of classes. 

What is the schedule of e-learning?

The school will give a schedule of assigned subject per day from Monday to Friday, with recommended time per subject but students may engage in their own prescribed time depending on their situation at home for asynchronous classes. For synchronous classes, specific time will be given for the students to attend. 

How will the students interact with their teachers?

Teachers will regularly interact or communicate with students through Edmodo at a particular period of time to answer queries. Students may post questions and/or clarifications about the lesson on the comments section of the teacher’s posted lesson on the particular day. Teachers may also meet students with difficulty of the current lesson through video conference to give them assistance. 

What are the roles of parents/guardians in e-learning

Parents’ support and cooperation are essential in e-learning. The following are the roles of parents in e-learning: 

  • preparing or providing the device/s and internet connection that will be needed
  • monitoring their child/children’s e-learning engagement and accomplishment of assigned tasks 
  • assisting their child/children accordingly depending on his/her/their grade level;
  • implementing discipline and employing time management to their child/children
  • promoting honesty to your child/children as they accomplish given tasks and take assessments
How can we assure quality of learning in home-based e-learning? 

The quality of students’ learning in the home-based e-learning depends on the students’ responsibility and perseverance, teachers’ effective preparation and monitoring as well as parents/guardians’ support and cooperation.

When is the start of enrollment?

The tentative opening of classes for School Year 2021-2022 is in July 2021 and will end in April 2022. 

*Changes may occur depending on the mandates that DepEd will give for the school year 2021-2022​



1. Report Card for SY 2020-2021 with PROMOTED remark
2. Clear recent picture (white background) for school I.D.
3. Deposit Slip of Payment (to new AGS Bank Account)
     Please indicate the following in the Deposit Slip details or Online Bank Transfer details:
     PAYOR'S NAME: Name of Student/s and Grade Level/s


1. Report Card with LRN, PROMOTED remark and Principal's/Adviser's Signature
2. NSO/PSA Birth Certificate
3. Clear recent picture (white background) for school I.D.
4. Interview via Google meet for Pre-Elem and Grade 1 pupils (schedule will be
communicated thru the given email)
5. Deposit Slip of Payment (to new AGS Bank Account)
     Please indicate the following in the Deposit Slip details or Online Bank Transfer details:
     PAYOR'S NAME: Name of Student/s and Grade Level/s


Online Enrollment for S.Y. 2021-2022 will start on May 17, 2021.

For inquiries, click this link  AGS ONLINE INQUIRY